A Week in the Life of a Pro

Time has really flown by since Ironman Florida, and it’s hard to believe another season is now underway! So here we are: 2012. I’ve been back at it for 2 months now, and it’s great to feel like an athlete again. I’ve decided to set up camp in Clermont, FL. It is a quick direct flight home, and one of the warmest and sunniest places in the country with an amazing 50m outdoor pool and swim program. My goal over the past 2 months has been to work on my swimming. My coach and I feel like we are on the bubble, so this is the year! My first race of the year will be the San Juan 70.3, just 4 weeks away.

I get a lot of questions when I tell people back home I am going to a training camp. I get lots of “Oh, lucky you!” So, I thought I would share a typical “Camp Week,” so you can judge how “lucky” I am!

The 7 Days of Triathlon Camp Week

Mon. Recovery day.

  • 8AM Swim 5k

  • Water Run 1 Hour

  • PM Core work

Tue. Swim, Bike, Run.

  • 7AM Swim: 5.6K

  • Bike 2.5 hours with 10×2 min hill reps

  • Run 15 min easy

  • 30 min tempo

  • 15 min easy

Wed. Swim, Bike, Run, Strength & Core.

  • 6 AM swim 5.6K

  • 11 AM: Bike 4 hours w/ 4×30 min tempo segments

  • Run off bike 6 miles w/10×30 sec strides.

  • Strength and core work

Thurs. Recovery Day. 

  • 8AM Swim 5.8K

  • 1PM: Bike 90 min easy spin

Fri. Bike, Run, Swim.

  • 8AM: Bike 2:45 w/2x(2x8min hard, 3 min easy, 15 min hard) 

  • 2PM: Run: 11 miles with 9×2 min hill reps

  • 4:30PM Swim: easy 2.2K

Sat. Swim & Bike.

  • 7:30AM Swim 5K.

  • 11AM Bike 5 hours

Sun. Run, Swim, Strength & Core.

  • 8AM run 16 miles.

  • 2PM Swim 4K.

  • Strength and core.


Triathlon Camp Week Totals

  • 32 hours of training

  • Swim: 33,200Y

  • Bike: 15.75 hours

  • Run: 42 miles (this is a bit low for me-coming back from an Achilles injury and sticking to my theme: SWIM FOCUS!)

  • Strength: 2 days

  • Core: 3 days

  • Water Run: 1 hour