We are for champions

Not only the champions defined by medals, but the everyday champions. The I-have-a-goal-and-nothing-will-get-in-my-way champions. You are our people and we are here for you. Here to help you develop clear cut goals, to train more vigorously, to break barriers, and to achieve paces you have never imagined. Whether you are training for your first 10k, or looking for your spot on the ironman podium, our endurance coaches are ready to help with expert guidance.





Why You'll Love Training With Us

You are focused and driven. Training is second nature to you. And you are ready to take your game to an entirely different level. 


Expect big improvements

Our athletes have set and achieved big goals, surpassing their personal records and reaching paces they never thought possible. With 17 years of proven coaching experience on your side, we're confident that you'll see dramatic performance gains. So confident, in fact, that if you are not happy with your training results after just one month of training, we'll refund you.

Take the guesswork out of training

A structured training plan built just for you keeps your focus where it should be — on the workout. Knowing what to do and when to do it provides not only clarity but also accountability to keep you in check. You’ll be able to grab your workouts on the fly and report your performance back to your coach through our mobile app and other smart devices. With our experience and expertise, you’ll be training like a pro from day one.


Balance the demands of training and life

We know what it takes to work full-time while balancing the demands of training and family life. We also know what it takes to train full-time and compete with the best in the world. You won’t have to sacrifice your passion because of time constraints. We'll work with you to develop a workload you can maintain, with enough time reserved for recovery, functional strength training, 8-hours of sleep, and a bit of a social life too!

The coach athlete partnership

Your goal is our goal. From your first consultation all the way through race day, your KLE coach will work alongside you to make sure you have a training plan that will yield success, no matter what life throws at you. Miss a day of training? No problem. We'll analyze your performance and adjust your plan to ensure that you are always on track to achieve your goals.


Reduce the risk of injury

We know when to push and when to pull back, so you avoid fatigue and breakdown. By incorporating focused recovery and functional strength training, we give your body what it needs most, when it's needed, to reduce your risk of injury. And when you sign up for our Unlimited plan, you'll receive a free running gait analysis from a sports physical therapist at our parent company, OnTrack.

A network of like minded athletes.

Train alongside and stay connected with other KLE athletes by joining us on GroupMe and Strava. Compare results and be a part of the conversation with other athletes who are genuinely interested in talking paces, races, and times. Athletes local to Burlington, Vermont have the added benefit of socializing at nearby races and at Wednesday night track practices during the summer.

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What our athletes are saying.

No way I could have finished with this time, and injury free through it all, if it weren’t for your guidance, training schedule and encouragement!! You truly are the BEST!!
— Kaitlin Dowgin
Qualifying for Boston has been a lifelong running goal of mine. With Coach Brent and KLE’s training plans and guidance, I have achieved that goal and am running faster than I did 20 years ago.
— Christopher Hebert



Put our experience to work for you

Head coach Kim Loeffler has trained and raced around the world, chasing her dreams and pursuing her passion. She’s worked with some of the best coaches and teams out there. She has the experience and academic background to lead her team of coaches to develop highly individualized, detailed, and successful endurance programs — just for you.